About Me

My name is Emma Louise, I am 21 years old, living in the south-east of England. I have a deep interest in environmental pollution aspects. My personal work at the university is based on microplastic pollution. With this, I hope to become either an environmental chemistry technician or a coastal manager. Although I would be settled in any job that involves pollution or environmental chemistry.

I am currently at Canterbury Christ Church University completing my undergraduate Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Sciences. After this, I hope to stay with the university to start my Master’s of Science in Applied Ecology and Environmental Management. I have various reasons for starting this blog, firstly, I do a lot of personal work outside of my degree, such as ecology based species identification courses with Kent Wildlife Trust. Due to me having so many ‘crazy’ theories and thoughts I’ve had many senior lectures suggesting I start a blog where I can share my thoughts with the outcome to hopefully have some feedback on them, thus eventually publish full or parts of my work on here. Secondly, earlier this year I was diagnosed with Soft-tissue Rheumatism, specifically Fibromyalgia, which is described as a particularly challenging form of a nonarticular rheumatism. Although being diagnosed in January 2017, from the age of 15 my body has experienced persistent ‘unusual’ pains. I hope to eventually share where my spoonie story is and how I have got to this point.
Lastly I have started this blog to share my personal (negative) experiences, which, unfairly I’ve had to deal with during my studies ~ I hope in time to “get the balls” to share these experiences and how I coped with them, with the hope that others who are sharing the same experiences as I can find some comfort in my writing, through relation.

I thank thee for reading, and I hope the reader enjoys my writing.



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